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Naslov: Derbi
Autor: James1100 - Rujan 07, 2008, 00:50:32 am
2008 - 32   24
0888/08   Spain   
Category: Motor vehicles
Product: Motorcycles - Derbi motorcycles

Brand: DERBI
Type/number of model: Derbi GP1 250 I.E LS

Description: The product is a “scooter” type 250cc motorcycle. The chassis numbers affected are in the range: VTHPT1B11A7G244084 to VTHHPT1BA8G253085.

Country of origin: Spain   

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The product poses of risk of fire due to a fault in the fuel tank. Under certain specific conditions of use, fuel leakage may occur in the area of the connection to the fuel pump.

One accident reported
Voluntary corrective action taken by the manufacturer

Naslov: Odg: Derbi
Autor: James1100 - Svibanj 10, 2009, 23:05:59 pm
2009 - 15      6
0536/09    Spain    

Category: Motor vehicles
Product: Motorcycles - Derbi GPR, Aprilia RS, Gilera SC

Brand: Derbi/Aprilia/ Gilera
Type/number of model:


Proof of conformity :

XGPR/50 E9*2002/24*0011 GPR 125 E9*2002/24*0027 GRP RS50 E11*2002/24*0431 GPR SC125 E9*2002/24*0027

Description: 50cc and 125cc motorcycles. The list of the chassis numbers of the models GPR 50/125- Aprilia RS50 and Gilera SC125 are provided in the attached list. (

Country of origin: Spain

No picture available


The products pose a risk of injuries because in some cases fatigue cracks have been detected in one of the tubes of the chassis. These cracks become bigger the more the bike is used, and this could result in a complete break leading to an accident.

   Voluntary corrective actions taken by the manufacturer.