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Naslov: Castrol
Autor: James1100 - Svibanj 26, 2013, 20:34:55 pm
Category: Motor vehicles
Product: Motorcycle lubricant and oil
Brand: Castrol
Name: Actevo, 2T
Type/number of model: Castrol 2T 1L and Castrol Actevo 2T 1L.
Batch number/Barcode: Castrol 2T 1L (EAN Code; - Affected batches: 150742; 122303; 125520; 115131.,
Castrol Actevo 2T 1L (EAN Code; - Affected batches: 126486; 112696; 135401; 119680.
OECD Portal Category: 77000000 - Automotive
Description: Motorcycle lubricant, mainly used for off-road competition motorcycles or small scooters.
Country of origin: Italy
The presence of a high level of water in the product may cause seizure of the engine.
Voluntary measures: Recall of the product from end users 

Naslov: Odg: Castrol
Autor: Lukas - Lipanj 02, 2013, 13:43:39 pm
Drugim riječima....smeće se prodaje? :icon_mrgreen:
Naslov: Odg: Castrol
Autor: James1100 - Lipanj 16, 2013, 00:03:02 am
Portugal gledaju kao i nas - misle da smo seljačine i da mogu uvaljivati otpad od švabije  :icon_confused: